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    Repacking Service

    CN2SG provides repackaging services. After re-packaging of goods, freight would be able to save about 20-30%. This re-packaging services is a value-added service purchasing. Self-purchase of goods, if the weight can be reduced by less than 2KG, repackaging service is free. If the weight reduction of more than 2kg (save shipping more than S$18), charged repackaging fee of S$8.
    Only suitable for repacking and therefore can reduce the volume of re-orders provide repackaging services. If you agree that we repackage, we will change or keep the goods and the seller's original packaging discarded transport packaging under normal circumstances. We do not provide repackaging services for the following order.
     1. The use of sealed or shrink film packaging;
     2. The use of gift packing or with the design of the packaging;
     3. Fragile or valuable goods packaging. If you want to keep the business of transport packaging, please choose option I do not repackaged.