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    Parcel transport inspection rules and service agreements

    Transportation of the parcel inspection rules:
    If your package in line with the requirements of the sign, warehouse receipt based on package weight, weighing storage.
    Please note:
    1, transportation provide free inspection services, inspection services provide paid transport.
    2, select the box inspection service, the principle would be the number, color, size and other information goods will be checked.
    Within 3 highly specialized goods, electrical appliances, digital products, peripheral products, its quality, model, spare parts, etc. are not inspection range.
    4, if the warehouse receipt found in your cargo transport and air transport does not comply with the requirements, we will remind you to do specifically identified in the relevant consultations RETURN above orders.

    5, if you (our warehouse address in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu, China sent a general period of 3-5 days) has not yet seen the warehouse receipt of information after a reasonable time domestic transport, please contact your country Logistics company or Web site customer service staff confirmed status of the goods.


    Parcel transport compensation standards:

    Mail delivery concerns due process reasons not my Division lost, missing, damaged and delayed, Division I is not compensable. Indirect losses and unrealized interest does not assume liability. See package specific compensation standards.


    The following are not liable for damages:
    1, due to force majeure (insured mail excluded).
    2. The delivery of goods in violation of prohibited or restricted send prescribed by the competent authority in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or the confiscation process.
    3, when the messages are delivered to the package intact dismantled without trace, and no weight reduction and internal parts missing or damaged.
    4, the recipient has to sign the prescribed formalities.
    5, since the customer's responsibility to send the article or the reasons for their own cause loss or delay of the mail.
    6, customers from Jiaoji expiry date of mailing of the inquiry until failing to inquire about or demand compensation.
    7, international mail is the country of destination under its domestic laws and regulations detained, confiscated or destroyed.
    Prohibited Articles
    Mail delivery concerns of prohibited items
    1, state laws and regulations prohibit the circulation of goods or delivery concerns;
    2, explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic and other hazardous materials;
    3, reactionary newspapers, books, window or obscene materials;
    4, various currencies;
    5, items detrimental to public health;
    6, perishable items;
    7, (except the packaging to ensure safe delivery concerns and staff bees, silkworms, leeches) live animals;
    8, packaging is wrong, may endanger personal safety, pollution or damage to items other mail equipment;

    9, other postal items unsuitable conditions.

    10, in addition to the general provisions of the above, it should also comply with the relevant provisions of the Customs Department.