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    Refund Policy

    CN2SG committed to purchasing the elimination of all your worries and enjoy a truly zero risk purchasing.

    In order to protect the security of your shopping, you are purchasing for each process are China shopping corresponding standards, including the return and replacement of goods, or refund.


    One. shipping errors damaged, defective or goods

    If you receive the goods occurrence of the above questions, please timely product packaging pictures and details send email to: service@cn2.sg, our staff will immediately verify the process for you and give you an answer.


    Two. The product quality problems
    CN2SG provide you with detailed visual inspection of the goods, the number of inventory, detailed inspection service. However, due to the lack of professional appraisal level, CN2SG temporarily unable to provide true and false identification or quality of goods.
    But you do not need to worry about is that when you purchase the product quality problems in use for some time, as long as the merchandise is still within the warranty period of, and have the original proof of purchase and product quality assurance card, you can entrust CN2SG and domestic businesses Contact refund / replacement.
    For compliance with refund / exchange, the product was, CN2SG will be responsible for transport to domestic businesses, and repaired or replacement goods re-sent to you. Because each vendor / manufacturer has its own unique issues to deal with commodity quality principles and modalities (to product quality assurance card in the specified date), we can not guarantee that manufacturers can fully meet your requirements, but promised to do CN2SG 100 percent effort to fight for your interests, your satisfaction.

    Provided this proxy service, CN2SG does not charge any service fees, but you may need to bear the return shipping of goods. CN2SG reserves the right to refuse the conditions do not meet the quality assurance of goods proxy for this service.


    Three. The return of goods
    Have been ordered and Taobao Lynx and other businesses not issued goods, you make and the seller agreed to accept returns, we will be free for you to return.
    For five days have been ordered and the arrival of goods, you can contact the seller voluntarily return, but will charge a logistics and transport costs.
    Any of the following circumstances, we will not accept your claim returned goods:
       A. commodities are exchanged, the original changes, or missing parts;
       B. was opened goods, such as software packages, CD, DVD, cassette, etc;
       C. without the original proof of purchase of goods;