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    • What do you mean about domestic customs back pack?
      Limited by the special nature of the international transport, part of the package in the delivery of the customs, the customs will not be eligible, the customs information, generally you do not have to worry, after the package return, we will be free to re send.
    • Package delivery notes
      Package return package
      If your package due to the domestic security is not qualified to be back, we will contact you again to confirm, free of charge for you

      If your package has been sent abroad, because of the "international security failed", "no sign", "address unknown", "not hurl" be returned, to send freight you borne.

      Confiscation of goods
      We will review the material of commodity categories, but not for goods do the identification of genuine and imitation brand related to intellectual property, all foreign brands, brand imitation, a cargo such as commodity we couldn't help you to purchase, also not be in charge of overseas customs clearance, if your goods by the Customs decision for brand imitation, fake, sensitive items and caused the package confiscated, you themselves.

      Another: the delivery of such goods in the international, please choose the means of transport.

      Notes for attention
        A, in the sign before the inspection of the goods outside the package is intact, whether the box seal is intact, whether the weight is significantly different.
        B, regardless of whether it is found that the packaging has been significantly damaged or torn off the traces of the front are to be in front of the courier inspection, and make a note to sign.
        C, found the goods damaged, lost and so on, please prepare the goods invoices, real photos and other information, inform our customer service staff to arrange follow-up compensation.
        D, the normal sign of the goods marked the end of the whole process of delivery, the normal receipt of goods after the goods, I will not assume responsibility.

        E, after the receipt of the package, if there is any problem, please sign within 72 hours back to the customer service, and no longer accept.

      Exemption clause
        A, fragile goods, wearing products, regardless of whether the choice to strengthen the packaging, are only involved in the loss of the claim, not involved in damage claims.
        B, dangerous goods and contraband not to participate in the claim (case: compressed gas, liquefied gas, flammable liquid, acid and alkali corrosion products and other countries Jin Yunpin).
        C, the loss or expense of the natural loss of the goods, the intrinsic defect, the characteristic and the market price of the goods.
        D, goods in transit due to bad weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake, floods and other natural disasters, natural disasters caused by the loss of all or part of the.
    • After the parcel issue, how to query the logistics information?
      After the package is sent, you can log in to my account - I see the package in the logistics track, you can also check in the express network
      Warm tip: international logistics involved in the multi transfer, the logistics information on the update will have a certain lag, there will be a delay in the update of the situation (air packet is more prominent)
    • Volumetric weight

      The cost of transporting a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight.


        For international shipping practice, the volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the item – the higher weight is used to calculate shipping cost. The formula to calculate volumetric weight is:


         orders: volumetric weight (kg) = length x height x width (cm)/ 5,000.


        Please note that normally the weight indicated on seller’s webpage is the actual weight. You need to pay special attention to the dimensions of bulky items like soft or plastic toys, diapers, pillows, chairs, crystal lights, bicycles, etc. Sometimes the shipping cost can be even higher than the value of the product itself. It is advised to check the dimension with sellers directly or seek for our help.

    • Chargeable weight

      The weight or volumetric weight you see for each order is weighed or measured at their minimum individual package. When you submit to ship out, all the individual orders will be consolidated into one single parcel. There will be extra weight incurred by the packaging material or extra space occupied due to the small gaps between items, and the standardized packaging to meet the shipment requirements.
      As demonstrated below, normally the final chargeable weight is around 1.1 times the sum of each item’s actual weight or volumetric weight.

    • Waiting time for each freight method

      Note:The shipping durations quoted above are norms. Above 95% of our shipments meet these durations. Unforeseeable factors such as China domestic shipping delay, bad weather, customs clearance delays and customs inspections that can cause delays are beyond the control of CN2SG and its shipping partners. During peak festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year or China national day period, the shipment duration could be slightly longer.

    • Will the parcel arrive before or after ETA?
      Yes, it's possible. The ETA date is an estimation, 95% of parcels will arrive on or before ETA date. However, it could also arrive after ETA date when uncontrollable situations like custom inspection, clearance delay, or bad weather happen.
    • Can I cancel my parcel?
      No, once the parcel is generated to ship, we can't cancel it for you any more. It could have already been packed and handled to logistic company even the status has not been updated yet.
    • How can I consolidate my orders?

      We will do the consolidation for you to save your international shipping fee. Please take note, only orders from the same warehouse (Guangzhou, Yiwu and Singapore) and same shipment method can be consolidated together. 

    • Can I consolidate my order from different warehouses?
      No, only orders from the same warehouse can be consolidated together.
    • Why is my item heavier than it weighs?
      The item may have a larger volumetric weight.
    • What is volumetric weight and chargeable weight?
      Volumetric weight is calculated based on the space it occupies. Chargeable weight is the parcel's final weight when it's shipped. Please refer to quick guide related sessions for more details.
    • Can I ship over-sized items?
      Yes, but over-length fee will be incurred if the length of item exceeds 1.2 meters for air shipment or 3.4 meters for sea shipment. The actual charge depends on the product type and length, will be advised before shipping out.
    • Can I ship fragile items?
      Yes, we do ship some of the fragile items but not all of them. Certain items are very difficult to be protected well, like big mirrors, extremely delicate carvings, etc. They have a high chance to get damaged during international shipping. We can try our best to help you protect and ship, but we will not compensate if it's still damaged.
    • What is the maximum size and weight of a package to be shipped?
      Following are the guidelines to ship oversized item:
      Express Air Shipping: maximum length is 1.60m, RMB200 will be charged for item between 1.20m and 1.60m.
      Economy Air Shipping: maximum length is 1.80m and the total sum of length, width & height cannot exceed 2.40m.
      Sea Shipping: maximum length is 4.00m. For items longer than 2.50m we can only deliver to ground floor or lift accessile floor, provided it can be fitted into your lift.

      The maximum weight for a single item is 70kg for air shipment, no limit for sea shipment.
    • Can Ship For Me and Buy For Me parcels be consolidated together?
      "Ship For Me" and "Buy For Me" parcels are handled separately in different warehouses, hence they are unable to be consolidated together.
    • Are there any tips to reduce the shipping fee?
      You may advise the merchant to ensure proper packaging and pack your purchase into a smallest possible box.
      You may also consolidate your shipping charges by waiting for all items to arrive before shipping them out. This way, when you ship all items out as one parcel, you would only pay the initial 500g charge once.
    • Declaration documents

      For those companies which need to claim back GST from customs, they need import documentation. For those companies who operate sensitive goods, or those companies whose goods value is very low need import documentation. The documentation fee is $40. Some special permit, the cost is $80-120.

    • Customs inspection
      Different countries have different laws and legislations. Customs have the power to inspect the goods. Some goods may touch the customs’ restricted policies. These goods may incur special charges, taxes, penalties and confiscation.
    • Why do I need to book the volume and weight in advance?
      This is to make sure customers’ goods can catch the right schedule and can arrive on time.
    • How to book the volume and weight in advance?

      Customers can book online, by Wechat, by Email or by phone for the services in Guangzhou, Yiwu and Shenzhen.

    • Why we make booking in advance, but still cannot ship the goods?

      If the goods are delivered to our warehouse too late and the container is already full. Or if the air freight good is too heavy, the airport has the right to unload the goods. Or the goods will be unloaded during the flight transfer.

    • Why do I need to strengthen the packaging for squashy, irreversible and fragile goods and put on relevant notice mark? Why do I need to mention this in the packing list and invoice?

      Any goods without special marking will be treated as normal goods, which may cause damages.

    • need to provide the correct packing list and invoice to the staff when the goods are delivered to the warehouse?

      Warehouse may reject to receive the goods if without the correct packing list and invoice. Because we cannot do clearance and declaration without the packing list and invoice. Making declaration wrongfully may cause delay and penalty.

    • Why do I need to be responsible by myself if the goods have problems and cause any legal issues and penalties?
      Because the ownership of goods is belonging to the customers. If the goods break any country’s laws and legislation, the owner should be responsible for the legal issues.
    • What are sensitive goods? Why additional costs will incur when export from China for sensitive goods? Why do I need to provide my UEN when declaring goods at the destination port?

      Different countries have different definition of sensitive goods. Sensitive goods are different for sea freight and air freight. Cases will be based on detailed information we obtained. Some goods will touch customs’ restriction policies, eg different inspection system, which will incur more procedures. These goods require special operating licence in destination port.

    • If normal goods and sensitive goods are mixed together, why they will be treated as sensitive goods?

      No matter how many sensitive goods you have, customs will treat them as sensitive goods. If customers have sensitive goods and do not notify us in advance, and face the customs’ inspection, the whole container may be detained by customs and penalties may incur. Parking the container at the wharf will incur huge costs. The relevant costs will be charged from this customer because the inspection is caused by these sensitive goods.

    • Why the transportation company will not be responsible for the loss caused due to delay of sea freight and air freight?

      Every piece of cargo will have many process channels during the whole transportation procedure, e.g. customs, shipping company, wharf, flight, weather and etc. We cannot control all of these on delay.

    • Why there are restrictions on volume weight by air?

      It is the airline’s policy that for each single package, its weight cannot exceed 60 kg and its length cannot exceed 180cm.

    • Why bank notes, bill of lading, securities and passports cannot be shipped by air?

      Many small parcels will be shipped by air. Sometimes small parcels may get lost.

    • Why some goods cannot be shipped by air?

      There are safety issues of air freight. Magnetic items may cause deviation. Imitation brand, liquid, power, food, fresh items, medicines, flammable items, perishable items, DVDs, military items and other restricted items by IATA cannot be shipped.

    • Why some goods are confiscated by air or by sea, our company will still charge freight costs?

      Sometimes customers have not told us they ship restricted items, which cause confiscation later. Our company is not responsible for this and will charge freight costs.

    • Why our company will not provide any tax documents or other relevant documents if the customer does not choose to declare permit individually?
      Without no individual declaration, no tax documents will be provided using customers’ company name. For other relevant documents, they contain too much confidential information. It is not suitable to provide this information.
    • What customers need to declare permit individually? How much is the documentation fee?

      For those companies which need to claim back GST from customs, they need import documentation. For those companies who operate sensitive goods, or those companies whose goods value is very low need import documentation. The documentation fee is $40. Some special permit, the cost is $80-120. Our company will provide original permit documentation to facilitate the GST-claim-back procedures.

    • What if there are mistakes in the customs documentation?

      If there are mistakes on the documentation you provided to us, our declarant will confirm again before declaration. Please correct any mistakes within 1 hour using email. Then call our office to notify the mistakes. If mistakes are found after declaration, we will not be responsible for this.

    • What are the storage fees?

      Free storage for 3 days in Singapore warehouse. Further storage will charge SGD 4/cbm/day. Free storage for 7 days in China warehouse. Further storage will charge SGD 0.9 /cbm/day.

    • How to do declaration when FCL, LCL and transshipment goods arrive at Singapore?

      Customers should provide invoice, packing list, arrival notice to our company and push the shipper to telex release the goods to us. First time customer needs to provide the authorization letter to us.

    • Why we need to pay the amount once the declaration permits are done for full container?

      Our company will only arrange the trucking after we receive the payment. If customers do not pay on time, there may incur penalties in PSA.

    • What is the charging rate for parcel inspection and repacking?
      CNY 3 for each parcel. We provide services for opening, sorting and recording.
    • What are heavy goods? Why there are additional charges for heavy goods. What are the charging rates?

      Every CBM cannot exceed 350 kg, otherwise they will be treated as heavy goods. Forklifts should be used for heavy goods and heavy lorry should be used to deliver the goods. It takes more time to loading and unloading. The costs will be higher. Therefore we will charge additional costs.

    • What is the heavy goods charging standard?
      Forklift charge in China is SGD 13.4 per truck. For details, please contact China warehouse. Wood pallet will be added for heavy goods. Every wood pallet will be SGD 7.8. Volume for wood pallet is 0.15 cbm. Heavy goods may cause additional delivery charges in destination port, or we only deliver to first floor. For those goods more than 350 kg, we will add the relevant volume for them. For instance, 500kg/350kg=1.43 cbm. The shipment will be calculated based on the larger figure.
    • What is sharing volume for sea freight?

      Every side(L,W,H) shall add 1 cm each as sharing volume.

    • additional costs for sensitive goods
      SGD 44.7/cbm.