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    • Storage & Inspection

    • Period of storage of goods

      At our China warehouse, we offer 30 days of free storage while waiting for your orders to arrive for consolidation. If your 1st order was arrived 30 days ago, all the orders arrived within the 30 days will have to be shipped out first. Your new orders can be then consolidated into another parcel within 30 days. For items held at warehouse for more than 3 months, it will be considered abandoned. CN2SG has the right to dispose it without further notice.

      At our Singapore warehouse, we offer 14 days of free storage upon your parcel arrives in Singapore. Uncollected parcel will be charged for S$1.00 per day for every 10kg. For parcel uncollected for more than 3 months, it will be considered abandoned. CN2SG has the right to dispose it without further notice.

    • Packaging Details
      First, what is the packaging?
      Product packaging is a protected commodity, convenient means of transportation technology. Common packaging bags, cartons, boxes and so on.
      When you choose to remove the package, we will to remove the product itself superfluous packaging. However, in order to prevent the commodity dropped or soiled merchandise, part of the packaging may not be removed. (Due to international transport was removed several times, removing the packaging may lead to commodity scratch wear broken, etc.)
      When you choose to keep the packaging, we will retain all the packaging of the product itself, but he has no packaged goods can not be reserved. (If the original packaging is damaged goods or for packaging sizes too large can not be packaged are removed)

      Package default retention packaging, you choose can not be guaranteed after removing the packaging All packaging will be canceled. Specific details of the package is based on the warehouse staff specific circumstances prevail.

      Second, what is the merchandise tag?

      Generally refers clothes tag, as shown: usually contain clothes origin, type, or price.

      Third, what is the packaging reinforcement?
      Packaging is a reinforcement to protect the goods from damage during transport or reduction of technical means. Usually with a filling to protect merchandise.
      When you select the packaging reinforcement, we will add a layer of bubble film to protect goods in the package, if there are special needs in the parcel remark indicated otherwise. (If the product itself contains a filler, may indicate whether the removal of the remarks in the package, the default retention filler)
      For the fragile easily damaged goods, recommended to choose the packaging reinforcement for protection.
      The default package without packaging reinforcement.
    • Why there are inspection step during CN2SG?
      For oversea on-line shopping, buyers are not secured with the product received even sellers provide exchange or refund channels. High international shipping cost and long processing time are the major concerns. With CN2SG, we carry on basic inspection to catch certain obvious mistakes made by the sellers when we receive the items in our local warehouse. Normally more than 90% of the mistakes under our inspection coverage can be caught and settled directly with the sellers. We save your loss at the origin.
    • What is the inspection coverage?


    • What are the differences between obvious defects and quality issues?
      Obvious defects are usually physical damages, which can be spotted by visual observation of product appearance, such as tear on cloth, broken glass, cut on handbag, crack on woods etc. Quality issues include a variety of different types which are not easy to be spotted by visual checking of product appearance, such as skipped stitch on the collar, petty scratch on metal, short life-time of bulb, slow reaction of tablet PC etc.
    • Do you inspect the measurement of the item?
      No, we do not inspect the measurement of the item. But we check the label on the items received against the size indicated in your order remark. (For example: S, M, L or XL). If there's no label on the items or the size is measured in a different way, we will assume it's correct.
    • How long does inspection usually take?
      Generally speaking, inspection should be done within 0.5-2 working days depends on the peak of the shopping seasons.
    • Do you check the functions of electronic device?
      No, functionality checks are not covered during inspection. Basic power on test could be done upon request.
    • Can you tell the branded items are real or fake?
      No, we are unable to check the authentication of the product. Product information can be obtained through product description on webpage. Other buyers'reviews can be used as reference. However, if price of the product is much lower than the market price, most likely the item is not authentic.
    • Can I check the product via photo before the item ship out from warehouse?
      Yes, you can request to check the product photo before the item ship out. For certain design differences which may be hard to found out during inspection, we can provide photos of received items upon request. If there are differences/blemishes found during the inspection, we will also attach the photos for customer to make decisions.
    • What is the repacking service? How does it work?
      Repacking is a value added service provided by CN2SG. As you may know, international shipping charges depend not only on the weight of the packages but on their sizes as well. When items sent from seller arrived with over package, repacking removes the unnecessary packing and re-arranged the orientations of the items. It will significantly reduce the chargeable weight to save the cost of international shipping. Also repacking ameliorate the original packaging when item came poorly packed by original seller. It will prevent damage due to improper packaging during international shipping.
    • Can you help to optimized the size of big parcel, such as putting small items into the empty luggage?
      Yes, we can. If your parcel include both small size items and big size items, we will repack small items into large size ones such as luggage, as long as there is room for storage.
    • Why my parcel weight did not reduce after the repacking step?
      The repacking service will reduce the weight/volumetric weight of the items over packaged. If there is no room for further optimization, parcel weight/volumetric weight will not be reduced.
    • Is there any package cannot be removed during repacking?
      Yes, there is. Original packaging of the products for decorations or collections will not be removed. Protective packaging for fragile items will be kept. For example, the packaging of certain toys, jewelries, high heels, glasses etc.
    • Can I request to add extra package to protect the original package during repacking for my goods?
      Yes, you can. If protection is needed for goods like gifts or re-sale items, extra protection can be requested by leaving us special instruction when you place the order. For large size fragile items, we will advise customers to make protections when items received in our local warehouse.
    • Repacking Service
      CN2SG provides repackaging services. After re-packaging of goods, freight would be able to save about 20-30%. This re-packaging services is a value-added service purchasing. Self-purchase of goods, if the weight can be reduced by less than 2KG, repackaging service is free. If the weight reduction of more than 2kg (save shipping more than S$18), charged repackaging fee of S$8.
      Only suitable for repacking and therefore can reduce the volume of re-orders provide repackaging services. If you agree that we repackage, we will change or keep the goods and the seller's original packaging discarded transport packaging under normal circumstances. We do not provide repackaging services for the following order.
       1. The use of sealed or shrink film packaging;
       2. The use of gift packing or with the design of the packaging;
       3. Fragile or valuable goods packaging. If you want to keep the business of transport packaging, please choose option I do not repackaged.
    • What will happen if my parcel contains some prohibited items like perfume?
      All parcels may be checked or scanned for prohibited items. If the goods are found to be prohibited items, we are unable to ship them. You can negotiate with the seller for a return or send them to another address. Handling fee is applicable.
      So it’s advised to check the list of prohibited items to prevent unnecessary loss or inconvenience. It is customer's responsibility to ensure that the parcels do not contain any prohibited items. We are not responsible or liable for any loss due to confiscation of such parcels or legal consequences.
    • What are the storage rent?
      Free storage for 14 days in Singapore warehouse. Further storage will charge SGD 4/cbm/day. Free storage for 30 days in China warehouse. Further storage will charge CNY 4 /cbm/day.
    • Do you do inspection for Ship For Me parcels?
      We will not check the quantity, size, or damage of the items. If you need to make sure all are correct before shipping them to Singapore, you can choose "take photo" value added service. You can choose "Buy For Me" service for a comprehensive coverage.
    • Why there are penalties for returning containers?

      If the container was not be cleaned up or the container is damaged or has strange smell, it will incur penalty. Sometimes it is the shipping line’s surcharges.