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    Package delivery notes

    Package return package
    If your package due to the domestic security is not qualified to be back, we will contact you again to confirm, free of charge for you

    If your package has been sent abroad, because of the "international security failed", "no sign", "address unknown", "not hurl" be returned, to send freight you borne.

    Confiscation of goods
    We will review the material of commodity categories, but not for goods do the identification of genuine and imitation brand related to intellectual property, all foreign brands, brand imitation, a cargo such as commodity we couldn't help you to purchase, also not be in charge of overseas customs clearance, if your goods by the Customs decision for brand imitation, fake, sensitive items and caused the package confiscated, you themselves.

    Another: the delivery of such goods in the international, please choose the means of transport.

    Notes for attention
      A, in the sign before the inspection of the goods outside the package is intact, whether the box seal is intact, whether the weight is significantly different.
      B, regardless of whether it is found that the packaging has been significantly damaged or torn off the traces of the front are to be in front of the courier inspection, and make a note to sign.
      C, found the goods damaged, lost and so on, please prepare the goods invoices, real photos and other information, inform our customer service staff to arrange follow-up compensation.
      D, the normal sign of the goods marked the end of the whole process of delivery, the normal receipt of goods after the goods, I will not assume responsibility.

      E, after the receipt of the package, if there is any problem, please sign within 72 hours back to the customer service, and no longer accept.

    Exemption clause
      A, fragile goods, wearing products, regardless of whether the choice to strengthen the packaging, are only involved in the loss of the claim, not involved in damage claims.
      B, dangerous goods and contraband not to participate in the claim (case: compressed gas, liquefied gas, flammable liquid, acid and alkali corrosion products and other countries Jin Yunpin).
      C, the loss or expense of the natural loss of the goods, the intrinsic defect, the characteristic and the market price of the goods.
      D, goods in transit due to bad weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake, floods and other natural disasters, natural disasters caused by the loss of all or part of the.