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    Packaging Details

    First, what is the packaging?
    Product packaging is a protected commodity, convenient means of transportation technology. Common packaging bags, cartons, boxes and so on.
    When you choose to remove the package, we will to remove the product itself superfluous packaging. However, in order to prevent the commodity dropped or soiled merchandise, part of the packaging may not be removed. (Due to international transport was removed several times, removing the packaging may lead to commodity scratch wear broken, etc.)
    When you choose to keep the packaging, we will retain all the packaging of the product itself, but he has no packaged goods can not be reserved. (If the original packaging is damaged goods or for packaging sizes too large can not be packaged are removed)

    Package default retention packaging, you choose can not be guaranteed after removing the packaging All packaging will be canceled. Specific details of the package is based on the warehouse staff specific circumstances prevail.

    Second, what is the merchandise tag?

    Generally refers clothes tag, as shown: usually contain clothes origin, type, or price.

    Third, what is the packaging reinforcement?
    Packaging is a reinforcement to protect the goods from damage during transport or reduction of technical means. Usually with a filling to protect merchandise.
    When you select the packaging reinforcement, we will add a layer of bubble film to protect goods in the package, if there are special needs in the parcel remark indicated otherwise. (If the product itself contains a filler, may indicate whether the removal of the remarks in the package, the default retention filler)
    For the fragile easily damaged goods, recommended to choose the packaging reinforcement for protection.
    The default package without packaging reinforcement.