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    Membership and VIP Points

    VIP and SVIP will be promoted after you acknowledge the receipt of the orders. After that, you will start to enjoy the discounted agent fee charge when your ongoing orders or new orders arrive.

    What is Credit?

    • •New communication credits can be used to offset agent fee for New communication buy-for-me service.

    • • 100 credits are equivalent to S$1.00.

    • • Credits are used at 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 each time, if the agent offset is less than the equivalent amount, the balance credits will not be refunded.

    • • The maximum credits can be used at one time are 1000 for normal member, 2000 for VIP member and 3000 for SVIP member.

    • • Credits are valid for 6 months and expire after 6 months.

    • • Credits are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

    How to get more credits?

    • • Get 100 credits for every new sign up.

    • • Get 1 credit for every dollar of the products you purchased via buy-for-me service.

    • • Get extra credits for product reviews you give.

    • • Get 500 credits after your introduced friend finish their first purchase.

    • • Sometimes on our website or facebook page, we may have special promotions and events for you to earn extra credits.

    How to use credits?

    • • Select available credits to offset agent fee in Arrange Delivery page when parcel arrives in Singapore. Eg. (Temporarily not opened.)